Monday, January 12, 2009

Carry on

what's in a bag?

things i can't leave home without 

Molskine sketchbook- Everyone should carry a notebook to jot down those moments of inspiration

Fountain pens- There is no better way to write, i use a lamy safari and a cross fountain pen melissa gave me

A bottle of ink- Just in case (noodlers borealis black)

Eyeglasses- To see the beauty of the world

Modified sieko diver- "You may delay, but time will not" -Benjamin Franklin                                       

other things in the bag
watercolor pencils
a good book -right now it's leadership and self deception
wallet, paystub, old reciepts, camera, stationaries


melissa said...

i think i'll do that too.
but my bag is so messy.
i like the bag, btw.
can i borrow it next time?

i have two moleskines and three books in my bag. crazy eh?
i'm becoming like you.

thwany said...

nice bag. where's it from?

John M said...

thank you.i got the bag from ebay, it's made by L.L.bean.